BG video on Mobile almost works?

Hey gang, I found some code oin the Forum, copy and pasted it before the body tag and it WORKED! For a few minutes, on my iPhone (SAFARI) and then it didn’t. Any ideas? This is my read-only link and the script I used is below. Webflow - Tech Valley Shuttle

Hi @engine7design, looking at the console, there is an error on the .play() function you’ve used to autoplay. perhaps the related link can be of help: DOMException - The play() request was interrupted - Chrome Developers

Specifically looking at this part:

Thanks Denny! So that’s a lot of programmer speak! So I used the code you suggested, cleared cache but still no movie. Here’s the live link in case anyone wants to look on phone:

Hi @engine7design, I’ve just tried again and it autoplays on my iPhone both Safari & Chrome. The reason why it didn’t play before was that it was on Battery Saving mode.

Reference: html - html5 autoplay video in Mobile device - Stack Overflow

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