BG Video not fully transcoding on video upload

It seems to work now … thanks to WebFlow staff!!! :sunglasses::computer:


I assume these video backgrounds don’t work on tablets and phones?

(Mine is just showing up as an image)

Hey @TriceWD that’s correct, to conserve data usage, tablets & mobile phones prevent videos from autoplaying, so instead we serve up the first frame of the video as a still image for those breakpoints. You can maybe create a GIF and use it as the background image set on the background video element on your site to display on Tablet & below. :smile:

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thanks so much @Waldo !

I don’t want to start a whole new topic, but how do I set it up to be responsive.

Before we set the Width to 100% and height to auto in the code, but doing that to the Background element, does not work.

It definitely is responsive right, aka width being 100% right?

If only form submissions didn’t have to go through their servers after exporting… nugde nugde wink wink

Hi @TriceWD, just a side note, when exporting forms from Webflow, you can have form submissions go to any mail script or mail service that you want. It is not required to save form submissions in Webflow on an exported site.

See more about exported forms here:

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