BG Video not fully transcoding on video upload

@TriceWD I couldnt agree with you more! 100 times better support than the Wordpress forums, these people really stand behind their product. I know Wordpress is open source but the support forums suck badly. So far, been a great experience with Webflow and I look forward to its continued use.

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@gschultz I’m coming from Webydo which was an absolute disaster of an experience.

Webflow is way better.

If only form submissions didn’t have to go through their servers after exporting… nugde nugde wink wink :sweat_smile:

@TriceWD what do you mean by that? I havent used any forms in Webflow yet. So are you saying if I create a contact form, then the form submission goes through their servers and not the websites hosting providers servers?

This isn’t really the thread for this topic, but yes.

They do this to prevent form submissions from ending up in spam folders as most hosting providers servers handle millions of emails per hour, so they have strict spam filters.

Hey folks, seems that the maximum video size allowed by our file servers wasn’t updated when the feature was launched - fix rolling out soon! :sweat_smile:

Trying to upload a 900kb mp4 video using the video background tool but it hangs on transcoding.

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Any insight would be great as I plan to use this new tool quite a bit :smile:

Same thing is happening to me with a 17.3 mb video mp4

Hmm, I don’t thing that is the problem @rocco – my file size is 1,7MB and that hangs the decoder as well.

@TriceWD @lemj3rd @SiavashVJ Do your filenames contain spaces/special characters? The transcode job isn’t properly dealing with such files, fix for that will be out soon as well!

Yeah, a space actually. Will try removing it! Thanks!

EDIT: Yep, that solved it for me, thank you!

Mine had spaces and a hyphen, removing them worked.

This support is crazy good.


Hey @TriceWD @LJB @SiavashVJ @lemj3rd @TravisBKlein & @gschultz we just pushed an update to fix this issue (no need to remove the spaces from filenames anymore either, just keep them under 30mb :smile:)

Please refresh your Webflow designer and then try uploading the videos again. Let me know if you’re having any trouble and I’ll look into it right away. Thanks again for letting us know and for your kind words and patience as we worked to resolve the issue. Cheers!


It seems to work now … thanks to WebFlow staff!!! :sunglasses::computer:


I assume these video backgrounds don’t work on tablets and phones?

(Mine is just showing up as an image)

Hey @TriceWD that’s correct, to conserve data usage, tablets & mobile phones prevent videos from autoplaying, so instead we serve up the first frame of the video as a still image for those breakpoints. You can maybe create a GIF and use it as the background image set on the background video element on your site to display on Tablet & below. :smile:

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thanks so much @Waldo !

I don’t want to start a whole new topic, but how do I set it up to be responsive.

Before we set the Width to 100% and height to auto in the code, but doing that to the Background element, does not work.

It definitely is responsive right, aka width being 100% right?

If only form submissions didn’t have to go through their servers after exporting… nugde nugde wink wink

Hi @TriceWD, just a side note, when exporting forms from Webflow, you can have form submissions go to any mail script or mail service that you want. It is not required to save form submissions in Webflow on an exported site.

See more about exported forms here:

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