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Better not using webflow CMS if I will export code for back-end developer?

I don’t know that I would better not using webflow CMS if I have a plan to give html/css/js to back-end developer.
when I export code on my webflow design used CMS contents, there’s nothing about CMS contents in ZIP file…Although I heard recently news webflow can export CMS contents to CSV…however, I believe that it is not helpful for back-end developer…
am I right about this?

Hey @11153,

CMS items and any attached assets are not included in the code export. But you can export CSVs of the content.

It totally depends on what your developer is using for a back end CMS they may be able to seed your new database with the content exported as a CSV from Webflow.

For now to keep all your formatting I would design sections static without CMS integration and your developer can take them and hook up the backend to them.

Hope that helps!

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