Better comunication / information about future plans of webflow

Hello @webflow staff

Im wondering if its possible to get some better communication about the direction of webflow.
There a lot of threads like this and i do realize webflow is new and still under development.

But i think some better general direction what to expect from webflow would be a really asset for user doubting of investing in webflow or not.

For example, i’m a start-up and i am using webflow as my main tool to build websites. Currently i’m working on my business plan so i can map out how i’m going to work and i’m missing the general direction of where webflow is going, and on what time base we can expects things.

I know its tricky to write down what your plans are because once written down people expect the things from you, but maybe a blog post where is written down where you guys would like to see webflow over a year would be a idea.

Hope you guys can give a bit more of a inside view of whats going on right now.

Last but not least… Keep up the awesome work!

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