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Beta Website for a Denture Clinic

Hi, i’ve got a lot of fun with Webflow to do this Website. The responsive is not already done and still have glitch, but just want to share this with you. I’ve used PulseCMS for the gallery.



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Looks awesome! Love the use of whitespace and the interactions: how everything just seems to float in as you scroll down – looks great!

(Also love the colour scheme, a nod toward the colour of dentures no doubt heh)

One note – the second page on your “Our Team” slider is missing a photo for Janie Ouellett - but likely you know & just haven’t added one yet :smile:

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Very nice site. The navigation menu disappeared on me however when I went looking for the team page.

@gosselin07 You should make this into a Template and add it to the marketplace!

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How can i create a Template for WebFlow?

Answer :