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Beta Release: Navbar Dropdown

Yes you can add image or fontawesome icons using the span feature. Very intuitive and it works.

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Great news! PS: Just a question, i dont want to have the dropdown when i click it, but i like when i hover. Its this possible?


That would be a great addition! We’ll see if we can build that option in.

@thesergie @danro

Great! And also what if i want a third-menu level, is this possible?


Thanks Webflow! Do you discourage from using it on production sites yet?

Let’s drop.

@Deni_1990 we’re working on nesting dropdowns.

@LaurentCardinal not yet! we’re finishing some things up.


@thesergie first “bug” I came across: opening a second dropdown doesn’t automatically close the one you clicked first.

Hey dropdown testers! We’ve made some changes to the controls. Instead of providing animation controls directly on the dropdown, we are going to provide an IX trigger to allow users to create their own animations within the dropdown.

Will post here again once this new IX trigger is in place. Thanks!

@LaurentCardinal we’ve pushed a fix for this in our latest release. :thumbsup:

@Deni_1990 you should be able to nest the dropdowns now, let us know if that’s not working for you.

@danro Yes it’s working now! How do you go about nesting sub-dropdowns? Inserted inside a Dropdown link? Also, maybe right now is not the time - before the official release - but what’s the suggested implementation of a dropdown inside a navbar? My first tests showed some issues on the responsive side.

hehe, it is not working for safari? anybody has the same?

So how can I animate the drop down? I couldn’t find the IX trigger.

Not have at my design How doing ?

Type !drop anywhere in webflow and it appears.

Hello again dropdown testers!

IX triggers for the navbar and dropdown components are live.

You can find these in the Interactions “Choose Trigger” panel:

Test 'em out! (and let us know if something breaks ;))

I cant find this feature in my editor yet? I’m i doing something wrong?

@luciuskern The dropdown is currently in beta. You must type this in webflow to enable it: !drop

Only works with click? could not get an option to open with mouse hover?

here some tests:

I could make the hover via interaction, but it would be nice to have the option (easier)

Be aware that a vertical menu with hover submenus is a hell to use. If I open your second submenu then want to click on Home… you see what I mean? Now imagine you have several of these hover submenus vertically piled… I would hate you as I hate for their hover drop-down with a delay (you hover, you click, then you see the menu open and close, you repeat, etc… every single day! Use with care (:

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