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Beta feedback: Audit panel

Yes, it’s the symbol above the “contactez-moi”.
You’re correct, it could be set as decorative, but still this highlights the issue mentioned. Here’s a screenshot that illustrates the setup is correct with Alt text in the image manager configured:

I see. That does look like a bug. I shall investigate and write it up. Thanks for sharing.

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Heading elements order bug.

I have a page with H1, the RTE with H2 and then H3. The audit tool seems to ignore the H2 in the RTE.

Hey @Jonathan_Holden

I’m unable to reproduce the bug. The heading audit is working with static rich text. Is the rich text in a symbol or bound to CMS content? The beta version of the audit does not work in those conditions.

If it is a static rich text element and you can share the project, I’d love to look at the read-only link for the project to see if I can better understand what is going on.

It would be nice if we can tick a box that says “I know what I’m doing” and have it not show up as an Issue in the Publish panel.

If aria-hidden is true, I don’t think it’s a problem that a link isn’t descriptive. I understand that the programme just looks for empty links, but this could use some refinement.

Here’s my situation. My main nav ( contains three links to home: one on the logo, one on the website name, and one that is called “home” in a nav list. While this is fine for mouse and touch users, it’s a bit overbearing for screen readers. So, I set the logo image to be Decorative and I set the around it to aria-hidden=true. Actually, I think I should also remove it from the tab index, but that may be a different story.

I’d love for the Audit panel to tell me about Google fonts loaded in my project settings (which load on a published Webflow site, consuming network resources) that aren’t actively being used by any classes.

I was trying to figure out why my users were reporting performance issues, and Inspector showed me all the fonts I had previously been experimenting with, but were no longer using in any active classes, were still loading!

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That’s a great suggestion! I’ve added it to our internal document for potential audits. Thanks for posting @waycroft.

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Agreed… this seems like a feature which isn’t really that important compared to some of the other pressing ones… especially like multi-language support (which I’m sure is a lot more intensive to implement!) - but… not really sure if this new feature is super helpful considering it mostly tells me that my alt-text isn’t populated.

Love the tool! I noticed that it no longer audits the alt text of images that are inside of a symbol. I think it did originally, but it currently doesn’t.

Hey @Joe_Hohman currently the audit for alt-text is unable to evaluate images inside of symbols. This is a planned improvement for the alt-text audit.

Glad you’re enjoying the tool!

This is a GREAT feature. Akin to InDesign’s Pre-flight panel. Loved it, Webflow!

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I really don’t like the edits as I am someone that’s relatively experienced with webflow now. All of my recommendations are just telling me to add comments to my SVG photos and it’s much more annoying than helpful. Is there any way to remove the recommendations?

Absolutely loving this!! Thanks for this update!

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The audit tool appears to get mixed up sometimes with head structures - it’s telling me that I’ve skipped a heading when I haven’t, strange.

Hey @Aidan_Brotherhood

We would like to understand what’s happening on your site and why a false audit may be appearing. Are you able to share screenshots, a screen recording, or the project’s read-only link?

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I do not understand how to fix “non-descrptive link content” when it’s a video or a svg html embed…
Someone have an answer ? :pray:t2:
For the svg make with html embed, I tried to write a title in the html but the notification is still here…

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Many thanks for the constant work to improve Webflow! Feedback for the Audit function: I think this feature is paramount as well as genius. However, when “fixing” the Alt tags from a CMS collection, in my humble opinion, I think that the options are extremely limited. Shouldn’t we have the ability to fix the Alt tag straight from the CMS collection? My website is a directory, so to give "image 6 " a singular Alt tag renders it useless when the other pages are loaded. Not sure if that makes sense.

Hello Matthew,

This is what happened at my end that I try to fix it:

I updated the alt text to the png image that I put into the link blocks. But still, the audit panel shows me that I have these 5 link blocks that are lacking non-descriptive link content. Can you see if there is a way to fix it? Thank you very much!

Hey @Rosie_Way if those icons are background images then alt text doesn’t come through. That’s a limitation of CSS/HTML. If that’s the case, add the images from the asset panel into the link blocks and remove the background image styling. That will allow screen readers to see the alt-text from the image as the descriptive link content.

If there’s something else going on, please share the project’s Read-Only link, and I’ll gladly take a look.

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