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Best workflow to bring a newsletter to webflow

Hello! I have a weekly newsletter (done in mailchimp, so I can export the .html), and I want to paste it each week in a page (ex:

Which is the best method? Because copying and pasting is not working due the 10K character limit.


Have you thought about doing the reverse? Have a WF site and push out your newsletter from it. Think “Sign up for our newsletter.”
If not, create a .pdf file of the newsletter and download that to WF or a link to the newsletter might work.

Yeah, but, how am I suppose to make a newsletter from Webflow? I mean, I am using mailchimp to generate a mail HTML, so its based on tables, so doing the reverse would not work, right?

And I am thinking that generating a .pdf would be weird for the users instead of the pure data and a link would be the same, frictions.

I think that the best solution would be to recreate the same template inside Webflow and making a symbol out of it, but I don’t know if out exists a better solution.