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Best way to have multiple interactions on the same class?


Im testing something and there’s an issue i can’t seem to resolve, but i think i’m just missing something, it should be rather easy.

What i’m trying to achieve is when you hover over any item, i want it to show ONLY the correct text to the item thats being hovered, i’ve applied the correct interaction but it affects all of the items when you hover over one item. Is there a way i could achieve this without having to set combo classes for ALL items?

Here’s my test page, it has 4 shelves, try hovering over one of the three items in the top-left shelf.
Test Page
Password: *****

@vincent If you’re not too busy fighting ducks, care to take a quick peek? Sorry for bothering :slight_smile:


:joy: I’m going to have a look now.
Also, I am impressed by the strength of your passwords.

Edit: had a look, I need your read only link please.

Hi @vincent, here’s the read-only link

My passwords are CIA level, you would never guess the 5 before the 4 hehe.

Cheers mate.