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Best way to format text like this?


So I’ve just started a design, i want to make sure it’s CSS is as good as I can make it. Clean and tidy.

What’s the best of making the text do this?

I tried moving the padding, margians and even used relative sizing to move the text around. But when scaling in browsers the text doesn’t conform.

Any tips guys and gals?


Container: flexbox, vertical, centered

1st text block: (spacing and type)

2nd text block: (spacing and type)

3rd text block: (spacing and type)

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Amazing! Thank you ever so much!

You’re welcome :muscle:t5:

If i have anything else pop up, i’ll give you a shout!

No worries :slight_smile: You can always create a topic if you have a question. Lots of knowledgeable people here on the forums.