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Best way to figure out image size?

Hi guys,

Ran into another issue recently, I’ve uploaded images to fit into containers (with unspecified sizes), but I have no idea what size images the containers are made for.

I need to know because I’ll have to inform my users which image size to upload for best resolution/quality.

**Image 1 Example:**

**Image 2 Example:**

What would be the best way to deduce what size images there are?


Are you asking - how to determine the size of the original image (before uploading) ?

If so:
Window 7 and below - within Windows Explorer click on image - image size is displayed in Status Bar
Windows 8 - not sure
Mac - right click on image - select Get Info

@Revolution: I’m actually looking for the image size of the container for the image in Webflow. i.e. where the header image is, that’s a section background, but not too sure what size in pixels.

I’ve figured out the image size for the other one though (300px by 200px).