Best way to do a content layout/blog like this?


I’m looking to do something similar with our site. That will show the thumbnail picture with content. And if they click on it, it’ll open up a new page with that blog post… What is the best way to do that?

I included the website (I want this type of layout) for reference:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If you’re using CMS you can setup a Collection List of all the articles within a Grid or Flexbox (which is how they’re doing it on your included reference) making sure to wrap all of the elements within each card inside a Link Block.

The layout of each card is really up to you, but your example utilized Flexbox for the internals as well, with a top and bottom div, each containing the image/icons and the lower copy/tags respectively:

I’m not sure if you’ve already got this started or if you’re just looking for suggestions, but including your read-only link (even with just the basic setup) can help folks give you a more detailed set of instructions.

Okay so following that format should be doable then (will work on it and follow up).

Here is my read-only link (for rn the post are just dummy content):

Yep, definitely. Your setup looks to be on the right track, just start adding some structure and connect your CMS data and you’ll find you have something very similar to your reference site :+1: