Best Way to Display Map with Mutliple Locations

What is the best way you guys have came across to display a map with multiple store locations? I have a client that has 5+ locations and they want to show it on a map similar to how google looks. What is the best way to do so?

Thanks Guys!


Did you try embed google maps?

@sabanna, you mean by using their custom API? or is there an easier way?

When you go to google maps, you can add few locations and then click “share map”, in pop-up dialogue you will see option “embed map”. It will give you iframe code which you can add to webflow embed widget.

How do you add custom logo’s to it to replace the points?

I have been following steps from this article

And it seems you can add images to every point, but I didn’t tried it before.

They let you to change icon for the points, and when you click “more icons” you can add url to some image. Try to use this trick

@sabanna - you are too kind to me! that is exactly what I am looking for!!

Thank you.


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Like always :smiley: glad to be useful :wink:

There is a nice service which does all that for a price:
I have used in a Webflow client site:

Curious, why would a designer pay for a service that google offers for free? What is ShuttleTools advantage over google?


With Shuttletools, my client could change the map marks as they wish using a very easy interface.

Directly from their site? or do they have to go into some other labeled system?

From Shuttletools website

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