Best way to connect to a CRM you dont control?


I have built a landing page for a client and obviously i dont want them having root/admin access to my workspace and they dont want me having API access to their CRM.

I was looking to add an another admin just to that page but I cant seem to do this…are all permissions set on the workspace level ?

In short, How can I allow my client to connect to Webflow forms to a Salesforce CRM with these constraints?

There is too much ambiguity here. If you’re just trying to capture leads on the Webflow site, and have them fed into Saleforce, then you will need a middleware layer to perform that task.

You could have the client setup a account, and you enable Webflow access using an API key. The client then locks you out of the account, and does their own automation to take new form data and create leads in Salesforce.

Otherwise, you need access to their API, or they need access to the designer to do that integration work.

You could always move the site to a separate workspace account for the client and grant yourself access to their workspace. That gives them full site control but only over the site you’ve migrated.