Best way to approach this design in Webflow (Photo Attached)

Hello everyone, so our company decided to use webflow for one of our projects, so this projects is an e commerce website for a local artist, since we are only releasing 5-7 items per month(ish), I decided that webflow is a better option especially how design heavy the UI is.
So I’ve attached an image im trying to replicate, I tried of using the CMS, but considering how each items have unique positioning/sizing I think its not applicable (or if it is, just tell me below), the right picture is the hovered state of each item (only the elements that corresponds to the product will show on hover), especially that each hover state may have slight differences in animations.

r/webflow - Best way to approach this design in Webflow (Photo Attached)

Currently Im doing it manually, but thinking that this website needed to be updated for the coming months. I need some enlightenment
Thank you in advance

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Hi @Kyle_Atienza,

Did you guys get this working? If you need help let me know. By looking at the graphic, I think there’s good way to do it. -G.J.