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Best way to approach conditional columns from CMS fields?

I would like to dynamically create columns based on the amount of images I add in a CMS collection item. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this with the binding settings.

My thought is to have a few different types of layouts and conditionally show them based on the images that are set. For example, if only the first 2 images are set it will show a two column layout, however if 3 or 4 are set it will hide all other layouts and assume that all the images have been populated whereby it would show a sophisticated layout and hide all other layouts.

Does this have any performance drawbacks considering there would be duplicate image galleries? I’m assuming not because they are conditional, but I don’t know if that is done before the rendering or after.

Its hard to know. Style the images 1-2 other than 3-4-5… its very easy without any JS or complex ideas using this (add custom css)

Change the layout its more complex. You cannot achive this without custom JS. Add some class thats change the layout and ideas like this and/or combine some if-else with webflow API, so this is more job-aboard (its hard to solve this without all the detials).

Duplicate layout its bad for SEO/Performance/Accessibility + very hard to manage over time

By js - mabye get the number of images in div X - than add some “if” number-of-images > 3 - do something (like this you dont need the webflow-API)

In the URL you added i dont see any images (so add screenshot if this answer wont help you) - and more detials (screen of layout1 and layout2)

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