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Best way to API CMS Mini-Blog post to Twitter/Instagram/FB or vice verse?

I have a food blog for a local Vegan Food Company. We mostly post about diet tips, health tips, farmers market, fitness and dogs.

Lots of out Our Instagram/FB social media posts are 2-3 paragraphs, accompanied by photo, emojis, hashtags and/or links.

To better service our Audience and save time I want to set up a new blog CMS with the following that matches social media post:

  • Title -> Opening Line
  • Killswitch -> Hides from website
  • Scheduled Date/Time (not to be confused with publish, created or modified date)
  • Image (usually iPhone snapshot)
  • Message (up to 2200 Character limit) -> FB/IG
  • Mini Message/Description (220 Character limit) -> Twitter
  • Tags (multi reference) -> Hash Tags at bottom
  • Author Name (reference) -> “- {Author Name}” After message
  • FB toggle switch -> post to FB scheduled date time
  • IG toggle switch -> post to Instagram scheduled date time
  • TW toggle switch -> post to Twitter scheduled date time the MINI message
  • CLICK HERE link -> after the Author

And then it automatically posts to social media account via Webflow CMS based on Scheduled Date/Time field.

I’m trying to figure this out with zapier but it’s a bust (maybe I’m doing it wrong?)


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Any update on this one? I’m confronted with the same.

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Hi miekwave ! Did you succeed on your thread? I would like to achieve that.

thank you