Best way of re-creating this slider

Hi there,

I’m still quite new to Webflow so I’m having some difficulty creating a few design templates. This one for example;

What is the best way to re create this slider? I tried to make it work with the build in slider from Webflow but the Mask is withholding me from creating a dropshadow… also how can I place the arrows under the slider?

Also; when you click on the arrow, a new set of 3 blocks must appear. So in total there are 6 blocks.

Any help is really appreciated!
Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Van der Valk

Hi Steve, Welcome to the Webflow community so I have fixed the cards to your needs which you can follow below hope this helps!

P.S you’ll need to alter this for the different screen sizes for it looks right according to the screen

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Sorry for the late response, I’ve had a few days off from work but HUGE thank you for the detailed explanation. It was very clear to follow and I fixed it within minutes. Again, thank you for the effort!