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Best solution for my blog - what is your advice?

I’m new here and about to build a new website for my business. I’m a bit overwhelmed about all there is to learn and therefor I want to ask for your advice regarding my business blog.

It seems to be a lot of work to build a blog, and honestly I think it will take me too much time to bild my whole website + blog right now. I’m wondering what my options are.

Is it possible to later on use a template for the blog part of my site? Or is a template always added to the site as a whole?

After connection to my new website, will I be able to host my current blog at

Or is it better to use a blog template and from there add pages to build the rest of my website’s pages? Is the template good or will it need much editing to work?

Please help me out with your thought on how a beginner should go about this! Thanks.



It depends, it can take a few minutes to someone Webflow savvy.

If your current blog is not a webflow site, no. But you can embed it in an iframe at the, yes. Not ideal but it works.[quote=“Malixten, post:1, topic:32046”]
Or is it better to use a blog template and from there add pages to build the rest of my website’s pages?

You could look for a template that has a blog and pages you want, start with the pages and unveil the blog later.

That depends of the template… some a great, some are less evident to edit, some are simple, some are powerful, some template authors are great at support, some are more difficult to reach, some templates comes with great documentation, some other don’t.

You don’t seem confident in building things with the CMS. You could define a budget and find an expert to build it for you and to explain to you what he did.

I personally have my own website and blog. Both were built with the help of wp themes. The themes were easily customizable, and the whole process was painless for me, really:)

I currently have my blog at and I’m happy with it. The question is how to “connect” it with my new webflow website


I currently have my blog on WP, - will that behave the same way as The iframe solution is not an option.

Hm… it seems so hard to choose right template right now since I’m in the process to learn webflow. I probably will change my preferences with time. Do you have any idea what it could cost to have someone build a blog within my website? Just a simple one that also can show a list of latest posts on the home page.

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