Best practices for Using a Purchased Theme

I just joined Webflow (free plan) and purchased a theme called Square from the Webflow site.

Are there recommended ways to get started with a theme? For example, with WordPress, I always clone the theme’s pages and then start making changes. That way, I have an unchanged copy of the original page.

I’ve read posts here where people say that they made a change and it ripples across the entire theme. They realize this too late, and express disappointment that they can’t get back to the original theme.

What recommendations do you have. I have the untouched theme installed at this point.



You can’t make a clone of the template in Webflow. But you will always be able to go back to the original THEME (not page, as you put it).
The most important thing to know here is CLASSES. Where an element has a class, any changes you make will affect ALL the elements with that class, on ANY page in the template. You can duplicate classes, and rename them. OR you can make COMBO CLASSES.

There are also SYMBOLS on this theme, which are great for making components that you will want to reuse - and now you can OVERRIDE the content of the symbols on each page.

SAVE your work as you go along, and look at other pages you are creating to see how changes are affecting the elements there.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your response. One more question: do you know if this template comes with any documentation? A “read me” doc, or an FAQ doc?


Some templates come with a page called “instructions” (or similar). Have a look into the “pages” panel inside Webflow when you’re opening your template. Before purchasing a template you can also preview it and check if any instructions are included.

Thanks for you quick reply. There isn’t a page in the theme containing documentation. The template is advertised as having documentation and support. I’ve contacted the developer.


Good idea - hopefully the template developer can point you in the right direction! It should be in his best interest to lend you a hand there!