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Best practices for text

Hey all, I am currently working on a 20 plus page project. I am wondering what the best practice is for having default fonts, sizes, and colors. How do I do this?

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Good question! Hopefully this video will help you with that!
Watch Here

Happy Webflowing :webflow_heart:


Dude! Above and beyond! Thank you so much! I had seen style guides before but didn’t understand how to use them! People like you make webflow great!

That was really helpful for me as well. I have also seen style guides before but haven’t implemented them yet, didn’t know how to create and use them properly. Kinda new at this. Now I know, thanks so much👍

Super helpful @Noah-R!

@VladyRahn @Dragan_Miletic Wow… I’m really glad this helped you guys! I will soon be creating a new YouTube channel and website dedicated to better made videos that address things like this in the Webflow community. :webflow_heart: