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Best Practices for scroll bar?

Hi All,
I’m new to Webflow and have a site designed and know how I want it to work but I need some help with a starting point. I haven’t been able to find my answer via the Webflow U or a Google search. I have a simple scrolling site and I want a progress indicator on the right. I want the indicator to change colors on each page to match the color scheme, I want it to stay static while the main content has some parallax movement and I want it to disappear on mobile devices and just have be a swipe up-to-scroll. What is the best way to start with this? Is it slide that holds all of the content? or should I build it with a grid and divs. Thanks for any advice you can give. Here is an example of my site:

and here is some inspiration so you can see the kind of effect I want:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!