Best Practice to create a Breadcrumb?

Hello everyone,

I don’t see any “Breadcrumb” block in the elements panel, and I was wondering what’s the best practice to crate a breadcrumb ?

Maybe with a Link Bloc ?

Any suggestion much appreciated !

There are several ways to do this.

In any case I would create a Block (div) and drop Text Links inside. By default Text Links are “Inline” elements so they will stack next to each other. You would just need to give some padding/margin to space them out and give them other styles. You can also make them Display: Inline-block. You will have some more flexibility to mess with their styles (because Inline restricts some CSS Layout properties).

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Hi, I would be interested in how I could make the breadcrumb (div) visible above everything (while scrolling) including content such as pictures maps, etc. Thanks a lot!

Hey @gabermesz you would just need to set the position of the breadcrumb div (div in which all of the breadcrumbs live) to a “Fixed” position, then be sure to adjust the position using the positioning tool, and set a width/height for the div.
That will make the breadcrumb div “Fixed” in the same location no matter where you scroll on the page. :smile:
Let me know if you have any questions. :smile:



hey, thank you! To tell the truth the settings you mentioned were already applied on it, but inspite of that it wasn’t visible above some content. However, the problem’s been solved, I just had to set the z-index to 1…:slight_smile: Anyway thanks and bests! :smile:

That Z-Index has thrown me for a loop a few times haha. :smile:
Glad you were able to figure it out! Didn’t have a preview link so I just gave you the general info/explanation :smile:

Have fun and take care :smile: here if you ever have questions

I am trying to create a breadcrumb nav bar as well. The way it was described above would Google read it as a true breadcrumb navbar or is that kind of a rigged way of doing it ? I know Google looks for Breadcrumb nav bars for better SEO indexing.

would definitely like to see sortof ‘auto-breadcrumb’ creation

without it, the app still cant really be called “Content Management System” ,
cause when managing larger content, it cant really be managed. Visitors get lost

sorry, not trying to troll here.
feature request ;p