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Best practice for Webflow + Vue.js?

Can I use webflow and vue.js together? Any suggestion on best practices, or I am not suggested to do so? Any conflicts between the webflow and vue.js?

The best way is to try (Start from simple exampe). In general Jquery And vue could cause problems (So i think if you start editing elements like webflow menu or tabs you find some problems).

Read this article:

I’m thinking about using webflow to design most components (those not that complicated) of my site, but I need to embed some complicated components which I guess could not be done with webflow. For examples, a dynamic data table (like this: Datatables), or a dropdown with selecting and instant searching (like this: Github - Dropselect).

I want to keep updating my site in webflow (I will export code for each version every time ), and also seperately keep updating / adding those embeded components.

Do you think this is a good practice or any alternative solution? My concern is that I would like to use webflow for web design more efficiently, but it seems not enough to do my work.