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Best order of workflow?

I’m new here and love webflow but I’m wondering what the recommended workflow is when starting a new project?

I’m creating the non-functional pages for a business that will serve as our “storefront” to our web application. I have created a few pages but my real question is:

Should I perfect a page for all device sizes and then move on or do all desktop and then move to mobile / tablet?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, great question. I think the approach can be different depending on the nature of each individual project however I think it can be a good idea to completely finish at least one page before working on the others. This way you can be sure that everything works correctly across all devices before you spend too much time on other pages if they share common design elements. This can save a lot of time if you discover errors down the line that then need to be fixed on multiple pages.

hi @nmclain and welcome. It is all about how you use to work. I would like to mention that coding is the “easiest” part when you know what to do. What I mean is that most important thing is to spend time on preparation eg. great job on not only on design it self (desktop and at least mobile too) but have elements structure in mind. This will prevent to solve major problems beforehand. I have worked with designers that deliver only desktop version without even thinking how it will look from UI/UX point of view on mobile. These things were later consulted, revisited and changed. So preparation is king.

When preparation is done and you are ready to move it from paper to code I work between all viewports as I need but generally when I work on one page I do rough structure of whole page but when is come to detail and responsiveness I will take one section and make it work across viewports. Then I will move on other page section. In meantime checking that everything is working across all major browsers. And so on and on and on. :slight_smile:

But this is only very short overview of my basic workflow and it can change from project to project as creating page structure and styles are not only things involved when working on project.


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