Best form to email solution


With all this new GDPR changes, it seem that forms will no longer work for exported sites, right?

The only thing I need is to receive an email for each new form submission.
No need for a mailing list, form builder online, surveys, etc… Just get an email with the form content.

Which is the best (and free) solution to keep my forms exactly as they are now, but keep them working?

Thank you!

netlify - Google it - PM me if you have any questions. It’s a life/money saver.

Thanks! I’ll look into it

I’ve hosted my website on Netlify but I can’t seem to make the form work! Keeps giving the Webflow form default error message. (Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.) Could you please help with the form settings? I added the data-netlify=“true” to the form tag but it’s not working!
Thanks in advance!

Did you change the method to POST?


Yes, I have. :confused:

I added the /# in Action and it worked! Thank you so much @Cricitem!

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