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Best ecommerce integrations with inspiring designs

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching for an ecommerce integration to replace my current WF ecommerce subscription with, since customers keep on leaving my checkout page due to the absence of iDeal payment method. Please vote for this important improvement if you haven’t yet: Stripe iDeal payments with Ecommerce | Webflow Wishlist

In general, I find the offered designs from ecommerce providers quite unprofessional, unattractive, not engaging nor suitable for my brand. Therefore I am looking for an ecommerce integration with inspiring design templates, similar to the default WF ecommerce designs, that are minimalistic, stylish and easy to adjust further (I don’t know any code). If you know any inspiring templates (from e.g. Ecwid, Plug & Paid, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, OpenCart, …), then please let me know - is there a solution/template you would recommend?

I would love to keep my WF ecommerce designs: checkout, order confirmation & order e-mails. Wouldn’t there be a way to export-import these designs into a different ecommerce solution? If know Udesly Adapter does not include these pages, as well as Foxy that would need coding. If only there was another way… The best option would be to find a workaround solution to still use iDeal together with WF Ecommerce with some extra code, but apparently WF doesn’t offer this ability for developers. Stripe does offer iDeal and since a month Stripe made it even easier to add more payment methods such as iDeal:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Hey Claire,
you could search and buy a template that you like on ( or you could look for inspirations on Dribbble or Pinterest :grin: Also maybe try to divide your checkout page into steps for a better user experience and try to change the font, maybe put less text and make hover animations, your shop could be great! Always glad to help!