Best architecture to pass data from Webflow to React app

Hi everyone! First time poster.

I’m building a web app and using Webflow as my front end (with a React app hosted on AWS for the actual app). I want to include an address search bar on my landing page, similar to this: google-places-autocomplete-in-webflow-forms - Webflow. But I then want to redirect the user to the app and display information that depends on the address.

Is this possible in Webflow? And if so, what would be the best approach? Hopefully this is possible since I’ve been loving Webflow so far.

it’s a potential solution, but I’d have to self-host the site, no? that’s not ideal. I’d prefer to keep webflow hosting

And why? Using Vercel or Netlify brings you free hosting and automated the exports.
It also optimizes your Website with WebP, AVIF Images and opens up a lot doors.

If you want to have a react app, you need to download/edit every single time you make a change without this. How you want.