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Benefits of freelance developers

Benefits of taking the help of freelance developers

Is this a question or what?


Yes, it is a question

Generally flexible on cost and cheaper. No rate mark-up because less overhead.

Performance is directly tied to the worker’s ability to pay their rent. If they get fired by you, they’ve lost income. If you fire their company… not so much.

Direct communication with your developer. No gatekeepers.


Freelancers tend to have a passion for what they are doing and it shows in their work. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your reply…:slight_smile:

Freelancers are more agile than bigger shops. We can embrace new software and ideas without politics and laggard intervention . We love to work. We can form virtual teams of like minded people. Thanks to cloud platforms we can collaborate with anyone anywhere. Working across timezones is as easy as pie. The term freelancer sounds fleeting. I am a consultant.


Working with websites has always been the real deal for me - I’m quite interested in collaborating with different businesses and finding out new ways of establishing perfect solutions for their needs. People like Ildar Sharipov who’s not afraid to collaborate with different businesses inspire me a lot actually:сo-group/