& being replaced by &amp. in CMS randomly

I have a few collections that use ampersands in the title or part of the body, but those &s are being replaced by &amp randomly. These are collection entries that have not been touched, so I’m not sure if there’s anything that I would be doing to cause it.

Anyone else out there? Is this a known bug?

Hey @tomjohn was this within Rich Text fields? Did you paste in the copy as Plain Text?

Also, can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, screenshots, and your environment info really speed things up.

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Actually, it seems to be happening with other html as well, and not with copied text or in rich text fields. I corrected the form entry that I originally posted about, but here’s a screenshot of a form entry that I haven’t edited for over a week:

It seems as though some css and html is bleeding through into random places.

Here’s my preview link:


The screenshot above is taken from the collection titled “Quotes”, form entry “(Publication) SWPP - Managing Schedule Exceptions”

Here’s another from the same collection:

And another issue from a different collection (case studies):

Now, it doesn’t seem as though my live site is affected all that much, but the form entries being wrong are confusing for my content editor and I did have a text string filter set up that broke when the & was changed to an &amp.

Overall, not a life altering bug, but still strange.

It is also affecting the new dynamic meta fields. Just started implementing those on my site.

Hey @tomjohn have you had a chance to send this bug over support@webflow.com ?

All of this information is PERFECT thank you so much for going into such detail (just copy & paste it and attach images). I’m looking into this right now and will let you know.

Have you tried duplicating the site to see if the duplicate version has the same behavior?

Also, when did you first start noticing this?

Thanks again!

Waldo :smile:

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Hey @tomjohn could you resend the Read Only link? The one provided above looks to be broken.


Waldo :slight_smile:

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Here you go:


I think I’ve been noticing it here and there for a few weeks, but like your first reaction I thought it was a pasting issue. We’ve got a lot of hands putting in content for the site right now, so that would make sense, but now that I looked a bit harder I’m noticing it in totally random places.

That is so peculiar!

Which programs does your team copy & paste out of? Pasting directly from a website by chance?

I’ve notified the team about this, will let you know as soon as I hear back! :slight_smile:

In the interim, I recommend re-copying & pasting in the plain-text version of the copy into any fields where they are rendering like this.

For reference in case it’s needed, to paste in only plain text:
Copy the text needed then -
On Mac use: Cmd + Shift + V
On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V (or right click and “Paste as Plain Text”)

Please let me know if you need anything else, thanks again for the heads up!

We are mostly copying from an old site, but the weird thing is that the entires that I’m seeing this on have been working properly for some time. Something is causing this to happen after the original creation, and I know a few of the examples I’ve found haven’t even been edited for weeks, let alone created.

We’ll be sure to paste as plain text in the meantime.

Definitely having the team look into it! Thanks again @tomjohn

Also, this site is looking fantastic, it’s really exciting to see folks utilizing so many features of the Webflow CMS. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work and let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Waldo :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been putting the CMS through it’s paces with this site and so far it’s just rocking my face off. To think, I was going to build this in wordpress… never again!

Thanks for the help thus far.

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