Being able to search in multiple fields in CMS backend


I wanted to search in a specific field in the CMS collection. However, you can only search on the collection items name. This makes the search field very limited.

I can pin the field and change the order of the list, but that still makes me have to scroll a lot to find what I’m actually searching for…

Wow, I’m really surprised it took me this long to find anyone else with this problem! This just a basic, necessary feature for the administration of a large CMS/database, and yet it can literally only search for the “name” field of records. So at best the field is mislabeled — it should say, “Search names of [collection name] records” or something to that effect. But why on earth can it not reach into any of the other fields that you create?

This has proven to be a significant burden for the QA of one of our client’s sites, wherein we need to be able to hunt down and fix small errors such as outdated URLs. As it is, we have to download a CSV of the Collection and use another app to search for those things, which is ridiculous.