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Beginners Help/Understanding

Good evening everyone.

I hope everyone is ok given the current situation, it is not an easy time for anyone.

Very brief background, I design furniture, lighting and accessories under my own brand as well as for some other companies. I have created my own websites in the past through Squarespace and Virb, nothing too crazy.

I have been playing with webflow the past few weeks as well as researching layouts and functions of other sites I like.

I have in mind how I would like the website to look and function, something along the lines of this below:

I have just a very basic question, when you click on the “About” link, it slides up the screen. How would be best for me to setup something similar; having the “About” info as a seperate page or as a div block with triggers?

Apologies for the basic question, I am sure there are a number of ways to set up the site.

I appreciate any help.

Kind regards

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello. First, next time give your Q more semantic titles (“how to bla bla?”) + be more specific.

The about her is a simple overlay (toggle div X). Start here:

The about div position is fixed.

Also related (google “webflow modal”):