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Beginner Question about website/design layout. Having trouble with visual appeal

Hello All,

I have a website currently designed in web flow and I am looking to better my sites visual appeal. I would like to reduce the padding and empty space on my home page. I want to re organize a couple of the elements to mesh better together and overall shorten the length. I have tried watching some video tutorials but to no avail. I tried to change some of the text column but it ended up totally messing up the mobile lay out. If you could please provide simple to follow advice it would be greatly appreciated.

this site has a lot of issues with sizing and spacing. It may be easier to start from scratch after you watch one of the simple full site tutorials. It can be complicated the first time but you’ll get it.

Don’t be afraid of white space.

Use pictures of human beings doing things to cars.

Get rid of the picture of the dog saying something.

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