Beginner problem with Json organization url


I try getting familiar with json-ld. Looking up code snippets worked well, but google testing tool keeps telling me that something wrong with my url (Alle für angegebenen Werte müssen dieselbe Domain haben.)
Translated means something like all given data must contain same domain.

Where do specify another domain? I don’t get it. I replaced with, put url into contactpoint and in different lines, to look wheater I missed some , ; “” [{ or anything else… and read here what it could be, but the example there shows the same code I copied…

May someone help me, please. Which important detail do I miss?

<script type="application/ld+json">
    "@context": "",
    "@type": "Organization",
        "contactPoint": [{
            "@type": "ContactPoint",
                "telephone": "+49 6262 920532",
                "email": "",
                "contactType": "customer support",
                "areaServed": ["DE"],
                "availableLanguage": ["German"]  
		"url": "",
        "name":  "",   
        "image":  "",   
        "description":  " ist seit 2007 für Sie da. Wir sind der Onlinefachhändler für qualitativ hochwertige Daunendecken. Nutzen Sie unser Expertenwissen bei der Auswahl der perfekten Bettdecke. Wir bieten persönliche Beratung und ein umfangreiches qualitativ hochwertiges Angebot."

Hi @Thorsten, awesome you are using json-ld for your SEO… Webflow is great for using json ld on your site :slight_smile:

Take a peek at this super helpful article:

I would also try changing “name”: “” to “name”: “” and then set the www domain to be the default in Webflow:

After setting the default domain, republish the site.

I hope this helps, let me know if any issues, I am happy to take a further look :slight_smile:

Cyberdave thanks for your reply. Sorry to say, but it didn’t fix the problem. On Whitespark the code for the url-implementation is the same, therefore I could get mad. I read that type Organization has no url-attribute, but “Thing” has. I tried to add"@type:":"Thing"
But that brought up a new error message.