Beginner at Webflow please help me with this issue :((

Hello I purchased a template and am now having trouble with my cover images in my project overlay section.

I want the photos in the cover to take up the full designated space- the same way it is shown in the template I have but instead the image is showing up in a grid.

The other thing I am having an issue with is that when receiving the template there was a scrolling animation that moved around in the example, I accidentally deleted some portion of this part at the very beginning of trying to understand Webflow. Even despite restoring this template to the very beginning that the same animation no longer shows up.

Welcome to the community @Marta_Golova! :wave:

To fix the first issue, you’ll need to update two styles within the full-bleed image sections:

  1. Under the Settings tab for the Project Overlay class, un-check the “Get BG Image from…” Dynamic Style. This is already being applied to the parent element (Project Content) so you shouldn’t notice any difference after making this change.

  1. Under the Style tab for the Project Content class, click the Image assigned in the Background section and select “Cover” for the size. The Dynamic Style you’ve assigned to this class (that pulls the CMS image) will override the content shown here but still use the same Image styles — so now the dynamic CMS image will always take up the entire container.

Note: The second change is only needed on any single Product Content element since all the sections are sharing the exact same class — however you’ll need to apply the first change to each of the full-width image sections individually.

As for the scrolling animation, I’d need to take a closer look at the template you purchased so I can see what interaction you’re missing. Would you mind including the link to the template itself along with the specific animation your talking about?

Hi Mikey thank you so much yes this worked as for the template the one I used is this: Bo - Creative HTML5 Responsive Website Template

The scrolling I’m having an issue with is the scroll flex on the homepage, the rotation and the cursor animation i can’t seem to get to work on my end.

Ah okay, you’re talking about the rotating “Scroll Down” element? It looks like you’re using a different class name in your project (Scroll Image 2 vs Scroll Image) so you’ll want to change the class within the “Image Rotator on Load” Page trigger Interaction itself:



Additionally, it also looks like you’re missing a section link on that same element that targets the “Down” ID:

That should get things working as expected, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you run into any issues :+1:

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