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Before the big plunge, a few questions

I don’t mean to stir up the hive again with this topic, but Webflow has become part of my go to arsenal tool in web design. I’ve brought other companies in the past to use Webflow as a UI tool, and now I am more excited than ever about the capabilities that Webflow offers as full service tool. I’m about to bring my team of designer to a singular tool for web design, and Webflow is one of them. I however have a few questions and was wondering if experienced members and webflow team members could answer some of these question. Keep this in mind, we will design all our themes, it is for in-house use, we are not reselling. Based on this:

• What other benefits does Weblfow have over Wordpress (designer aside) ?
• Is hosting (Team Level) robust and scalable?
• Is there a limit to how many custom domain hosting I can use?
• Is Webflow here to stay or will Webydo take over? :smile:

Appreciate your answers and a good sense of humor also. Thank you!

I wish Webydo the best, it’s in the same team than Macaw, where Webflow is in Dreamweaver team. (I can’t believe I just wrote that) What I mean is: Webydo and Macaw have a WYSIWYG approach, disconnected from HTML/CSS reality. You can draw a box freely… but at the same time you can give it margins and pddings… so sometimes it sticks with CSS sometimes not. That gives you an impossibility to debug, to understand what you did wrong within the software. Webflow and Dreamweaver are sticking to the vocabulary and properties of HTML CSS, and the comparison has to stop right here :smiley:

Totally WYSIWYG tools would be awesome but by definition they must work with no bug, at all. When you see how complex is the web today, I’m even surprised, everyday, how Webflow can achieve such complicated things with so few, so few bugs.

You’ll not improve your web dev skills with Webydo, at best you’ll improve your Webydo skills. I’ve learnt not a lot from my Wordpress days, trial and error into their PHP templates, looking for things endlessly, dealing with infinite pages in the backend. WF teaches me things about html and css everyday, so I’m quite confidently putting more and more efforts and investement into it.


I couldn’t agree more with @vincent.

I tested Webydo and Wix and they are in essence the same type of tool. Wix is marketed towards average Joe business owner and Webydo is marketed towards designers.

I to have learnt a lot more about html and css, more then I thought I would have from Webflow. It was a great bridge from thinking visually and thinking in code. When I design in Webflow I can now picture what code is being created in the back end and decide weather or not a design design is a good one.

I personally can’t advise my clients to use Wix or Webydo because of accessibility issues. Wix sites can’t be read by screen readers. Webydo technically can be read by screen readers but the code is so messy that it doesn’t read in a logical way.

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I’m hosting a few clients on Webflow and am pretty happy. I’d like to have a few things like a backup/download option and client interface they could access even when there site is under my account.

Compared to Webydo…I tried Webydo for about 60 minutes one day…and I just couldn’t get the rational of how things worked. Being a Wordpress user and being familiar with CSS, HTML and a pinch of JQuery/Java then finding Webflow was great because things make sense.

Webflow is great for sites that don’t need a blog – that’s right, I don’t think every website needs a blog and definitely not the complexity of a tool like Wordpress. That said, I am looking forward to a CMS integration from Webflow. Currently, you can establish a faux blog using a folder and some pages.

Absolutely! Check out this post for more details, but we just launched some changes to our hosting infrastructure that make our hosting platform faster and more reliable than just about any other option!

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Thanks to everyone for the input. I completely agree with being able to work with the “visual” designer markup vs the InDesign approach (Macaw, Webydo route). Both have their strengths but personally I need to be able to see the markup at this stage. But even more than that I’m looking at managing 20+ and was looking to go the none traditional route (hosting provider + CMS + Template integrator + CDN + Form Provider + all the other stuff) and want a single solution.

I think my mind is mostly made up at this stage :smile:

That’s a great way to describe Webflow and to understand that some people like you and me are very enthusiastic about it. Because they found their language. As you say, they found their “bridge from thinking visually to thinking in code”.

This just came to my attention, is there a limit on how many visits I can have per month on the Team plan? Where can I read in detail whats included and whats not?

None of the plans, even the free tier, has a visit cap.

I don’t recall seing any bandwidth cap related limitation on Webflow

edit: I have Teams plans so if you have any question abt it, shoot.

The reason I asked is because it shows a cap on the 3rd image down in this link

You’re right. And this value depends on your plan. If you’re on personal, even with a site on a team, it says 250k. I don’t really knew about a cap… It seems weird to apply a cap when you’re paying to have your custom domain. It seems that webflow consider they’re hosting your site only when you apply a domain name on it. All the hosting must be considered as… staging.

Write an email at with that question.