Been struggling with webflow for a year

Came from WordPress to Webflow 1 year ago and been struggling ever since:

  • With WordPress, I didn’t need a developer and could handle most website changes myself. With Webflow, I needed a developer for the smallest of changes. I don’t have time to study CSS and learn Webflow. The developer is an added cost, and whenever he’s not around, I’m stuck.

  • The website is in a state of constant changes, and I can’t publish one page without publishing the entire site (including all the unfinished parts). Usually I end up not publishing anything. (Are they ever going to allow publishing of 1 page? I read that I need to change my workflow - but how? Any recommended reading or video on this?)

In terms of the website look and feel, Webflow definitely is more slick than WordPress, and takes care of a lot of other things that I had to use plugins for in WordPress.

But I’m just feeling stuck, as my website hasn’t been updated for months. I don’t really want to go back to WordPress, but I’m not sure what to do with my Webflow site.

Any advice? Thanks…

Sorry to hear you’re strugling.

Webflow isn’t a drop and drag builder, some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is desirable / mandatory to work with Webflow.