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Been staring at this for 2 hours, someone tell me where I went wrong

Ok so my objective is very simple; copy a well built template in order to learn how the original creator achieved their finished design.

Problem: One section that I’ve copied is just not turning out the way the original designer created it and I’ve literally copied every element exactly as I see they did it with no success (just the one section not the whole design).



Can anyone see something obvious I have missed?

The issue is that my “Bar” child elements appear vertical whereas the original designers bar elements are horizontal (e.g. tickbox, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 etc).

My Page = (Element Path = LS Form Section > Form Block > Div Block > LS Bar)

Designers Page = (Element Path = Form Section > Form Block > Div Block > Bar)

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Do this:


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Thanks @dram

I should have mentioned that I did know you can do that however I am more so puzzled about why the original designer didn’t have to do that and I do!

Because he used floats. I guess this is an old template, nobody uses floats anymore, just use flex.

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Ahhh crap that makes sense now, so the designer is using a float layout which isn’t an option anymore in the new webflow version which is why it doesn’t appear?

Is this also why the interactions aren’t there? I couldn’t actually see how he achieved a lot of the interactions the page has without using any which is actually one of the original reasons I decided to try and copied the design (to find out how the designer made do without them).

Thanks @dram

No. floats are available. Perhaps your float & clear panel is closed?

He also used legacy interactions (as I said it is an old template).

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Yep I’m an idiot, I actually did see those float settings but I applied them to every second one because I thought they were only for the lines

FML 2 hours wasted. I see those legacy interactions now as well, I thought they removed that by now.

Thanks heaps @dram!

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