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Become a trusted community member and win some Webflow swag!

Happy Friday everyone! As most of you must have seen by now, we’ve updated our Community Guidelines to better reflect the kind, supportive and encouraging community we are building here. We’re really excited to see how you guys make those yours, and have designed a little raffle to encourage all of you to read and apply them.

Why is this important?
Because we are all on this together! More seriously - no community (even a modest online forum) can thrive without happy, engaged members. Even though we keep a pretty close eye on everything that happens here, at the end of the day YOU are the ones who make this incredible community what it is.

Raffle rules
To enter the raffle, it’s very simple - we ask that you read the guidelines and start helping out your fellow community members by giving them feedback, answers or simply showing your appreciation with a like.
We will consider all forum users who have:

On Monday, March 5, we’ll look at everyone who has earned these three badges, and randomly pick 15 users among you who will receive an exclusive Webflow swag package to thank them for being helpful community members. Now you know what you have to do!

Have any thoughts or feedback to share? Questions about the raffle? @PixelGeek and I are here to answer your questions, in this thread or via personal message. And if you see anything in the guidelines that you have questions about, please let us know! This is a work in progress and we can only get better if we work together :slight_smile:

Happy raffle, y’all!


Getting Nice Reply is going to be a tough one with it being Bug City right now.


Hey @Cricitem! the goal here is to encourage you guys to give each other kudos when someone makes the effort to write a helpful answer - and that doesn’t mean that all “nice” replies need to solve the issue itself! Sometimes a “nice” reply can simply indicate where to look further or how to approach a problem :thinking:
Happy to chat in a private conversation too if you have specific questions!

Hi @anais, welcome back to the forum. Could you take a look at while you’re around?

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