BBC is testing a new layout

This story is on Designer News frontpage but I think it deserves attention here too.

BBC is testing a new sectioned layout, with a lot of full width elements, embed video, auto video etc.

Why is this Webflow news? Because it’s close to be doable in Webflow, and because BBC, for years, is a benchmark in term of web design. It sets the standard, make trends, because of its very wide popular audience. You may have seen better, more refined experiments on sites like Medium but they hardly approach BBC’s audience and they stay a playground for web savvy people and designers.

BBC web lab move forward pixel by pixel, interaction after interaction, and when you see something coming out of it it’s interesting because it works rock solid and behave well across platforms. With other mediums like New York Times, they are among the ones who need to succeed in their web approach because they are the web, if they mess up the transition, they die within months. So they are among the most interesting guys to follow.


Thanks for posting this. I like to check Designer News occasionally but would have missed this. Definitely a good design approach for feature articles.