Batch pulling CMS collection item IDs

Hi guys,

Banging my head against a wall on this one, hoping someone might be able to help…

I’m building a sales dataset using CMS which will have 1-3k CMS items (sales leads) within a collection, imported through a Csv and will be used by sales reps to log outcomes based on interactions with these prospects.

My plan was to build a prospect profile (collection item) which the rep could update and would have info displaying the previous outcome and the date of this interaction.

I’ve managed to complete this; using a form, an embed within the form to pull the CMS data, Zapier using the form as a trigger and the update live item function on step 2 of Zapier to feed the result back into the CMS.

The problem I’m having is that the CMS item ID is indivisible on the embed form (not one of the purple drop-downs), I’ll need a collection field displaying this code to enable me to pull the code into the embed, this will then feed Zapier with the Item ID in order for the CMS item to update.

The best solution I’ve so far come across so far is Integromat, but I keep hitting a [429] Rate Limit error on the 44-47th record. The other software I had a play with was Parabola but this has a 100 row limit and was nowhere near as user friendly.

I’ve tested this zap on one of the 44 records which came back from the Integromat run and it worked perfectly. The problem I have is that I’m still about 950 records short and a 44 record database is pretty useless.

My question are therefore;
Is there another way of batch pulling the CMS item ID into a custom collection field?
Can the Webflow Rate Limit be boosted or Integromat throttled below 60 items p/m to allow the Integromat run to do it’s business?
Is there a simpler workaround which will enable the Collection Item ID to be pulled into Zapier with the form embed?

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Thanks, I actually used this one to complete the initial function but got stuck on the rate limit.

It turns out that if you put a delay element between the 2 Webflow functions this brings the rate below the threshold and the Integromat operation will run it’s course.

This implementation works great initially but repeats operations if on a recurring schedule (eating into your integromat billing/usage), in which case you can add a router that checks if the field is empty beforehand:

It is a read only text field within the designer (cms edit collection item) or a property that can be fetched via the API. I don’t use zapier or ingromat very often but I have seen steps where the value was captured then reused. Can’t point you to a topic however. You might have luck searching.

Webflow’s API rate limits are not modifiable by users. You should contact Integromat for API rate limit workarounds.

Honestly Webflow is not an APP platform, rather a web design tool with some CMS functionality and some limited e-commerce. You would be much better served with a tool designed for this kind of job. If you are a nocoder I would give a strong nod towards Airtable.