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Basic Question Re. Ecommerce

I am not a designer by trade (I can use pencils, paints etc, but not really a computer programme). I’m using the ecommerce pages on webflow for my own site, and I so far can load different products successfully, but I can only bring one product at a time on the product template -every time I try and add a second product, the first product is usurped by the second product, and I end up with two sections, each selling the same product. If anyone understands what I mean by this (I’m not sure I’m explaining it well), can you help me?

Hi Luke, why are you trying to add a second product to the product page? Are you trying to add product recommendations or some way to upsell other products?

Hello Xavi, thank you for your response.
I’m quite basic on computers, so I’ll try and explain (I know weblow is for more advanced users, but artistically, it seemed so much better).
I don’t have to add a second product, I was just hoping to have two very similar products per page (they’re t-shirts with the same design, but in different sizes). My basic problem, is that I don’t really know how to use the product template - I can design it, but I can’t implement it. Do you have to create a new page, and then apply the product template…? I’m absolutely stuck on something so basic that there isn’t even a video on it. I don’t know if I’ve explained myself well or not. Do you have any advice?
Thank you.