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Basic question on unicode markup

I’ve got a basic question about using a custom icon webfont with private use area (PUA) unicode glyphs that I just haven’t been able to find an answer for. (No problems loading and using custom fonts in Webflow; this is about the Design view html markup to call a character.)

The question is: What is the HTML markup for one of these glyphs?

I checked out the Font Awesome tutorial Tutorial on Font Awesome thinking that I could see the markup required for unicode glyphs from there, but ran into this chicken-egg problem:

That tutorial has you copy the glyph from the Font Awesome cheatsheat at But in markup, the copied glyph just shows up as a box. How they entered that character in the first place is kind of my problem.

Ultimately I’m trying to build a cheatsheet like Font Awesome’s for my font. I have the unicode PUA code (e.g., F700) for each glyph, and expected to find some html markup syntax that would include that code.

But maybe what I really want is to figure out how to “type” a glyph as a single character. I have searched for that info for the Mac and found answers, but all seemed to be based on pre-El Capitan versions that don’t seem to apply.

This is probably one of those things that’s so basic no one thinks it needs to be documented, but it’s sure eluded me, so I look forward to the “Duh.”

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