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Basic question about selecting elements

Today I was inspired by this site by this site and cloned it to see how it was constructed. I got stuck on the first step of selecting elements to modify. There seems to be a preloader over the whole image and I don’t know how to select anything that is under it. For example if I just want to change a word in the text I can’t seem to select the text in the text box because there is this big box over it. I realize I could delete it but could I just hide it for the time being and how would I do that?

Hi there @tedserwebflow,

I’d love to be able to screenshot to show you exactly where, but there is the option under the first tab in the Webflow designer called DISPLAY SETTING where you can click the little eye icon with a line through it titled NONE - this will hide the element, but still will be available in the NAVIGATOR (3rd) tab for you to click and unhide at a later date.

Hope this helps?


Hey @tedserwebflow


Select the preloader element and open the design panel if it isn’t already open. (click “s” to open)

You will notice that in the positioning setting you have display option across the top. Click display none (the last option on the right).

When you are done editing the rest of the site you can find the preloader element in your navigator panel. You can open the navigator panel by clicking “f”.

Once you re-select the preloader switch back to the design panel (click “s”) and choose the option display block.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Thanks both of you! I knew it was in there somewhere and that did the trick! Thanks!


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