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Some basic help required please! I’m editing a free & standard template, and want to add a couple of headers. The first one being underneath the logo (as a kind of tagline) and another example is above 4 columns in the next container. But everytime I add a header in a container, it adds it either above an image or right down the bottom of the container. And you can’t move it without moving everything else!

Here’s the link:

and 2 examples:

Thanks for any help!


1: you have 2 containers in your nav.
The 1st container has your nav elements.
The 2nd containers has your top info elements.

I’d create a new section and move the top info elements into it.

2: try moving your htag into navbrand.

see video.


Mate you’re a legend! Thanks for the fast reply & video!

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One quick question! What has now happened to the backround image in the container below? I’ve looked in the navigation etc…See here:

I don’t understand the question.
Are you trying to place the image in section:main (analytics-grapghic2.png) into the bg of the nav element ?

(i had to use a different image than analytics…png)
like this - video

or are you trying to use the image as a buffer between the nav and tagline content ?

personally I’d rename tagline content to something else. you have a class name tagline in the nav

the tagline content - is not really a line.

name it lead-section or something.

Also - move your out of the section. the section is not really needed there since nav has it’s own internal container.

See the original screenshot I sent? The green background where it says Grow Your Business 10x blah blah blah. Well that has somehow shifted (did in your video too) but I can’t figure out how to bring it back!

You have a couple issue happening. Video below may be a little disjointed.

" The green background where it says "…
That’s because the green background is in section:main… which is your nav section.

Also - You have 1 class named tagline used in 2 places. Reset the section tagline to another name.

Keep the H tag tagline the same.

You don’t need that section above nav. Move the nav up 1 level… and kill that parent section.

Use the settings in the parent section in “other”.

See video.

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Righto, thanks. I’ll give it a shot. Yeah it just struck me as strange because we hadn’t touched that part to put the header under the logo and then all of a sudden it was just a weird little strip of an image! I’ll let you know how I get on, thanks again.

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