Basic Account short term subscription

Hi everyone, I’m about to finalise my 1st WB website. Because my client wants to host it on his server I need to export the HTML+CSS etc… In order to do that, I must subscribe to a paid account.
Is it possible to pay the subscription just for one month, transfer the website and then cancel it? I don’t need to pay it all year if it’s a one-off project.

Thanks in advance for your reply!


Hi @Francesco_Di_Ruberti, you can absolutely do that! :slight_smile:

  1. Go to your account plan page (here—will ask you to sign in if you haven’t already):

  2. Switch from “annual” to “monthly”

  3. Click the “upgrade plan” button for the plan you want (Lite should be fine) :slight_smile:

When you have exported your code, you can come back to this page and click the “cancel” button that will appear under the Starter plan, and this will take you back to a free account plan.

Hope that helps! :wave:t2:

Thanks sooooo much for your prompt reply! Cheers

No problem! :slight_smile: if this solves your problem, would you mind marking it as the solution? Thanks!

Sure! How do I mark it as solved?

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Click the ellipses next to reply. ( I marked it already).


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