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Baseline shift... desperately need, how to do?

i need to shift up the font on my entire site. font just has too much space above it built in. this seems like it will do exactly what i want:

so, i put
body {baseline-shift: 50%;}
within style tags in the site header as a test (value clearly too high), and… nothing happens.

any ideas?

as a followup, i was able to shift most of the text up by reducing the baseline - luckily almost all cases were single line text usage (though, a PITA to do manually everywhere needed). however, for future reference, and for when it’s not single line text, if someone has an answer… would be great to know!

Could you generate a read-only link, please?

All webflow headers have a default of margin-top: 20px and margin-bottom: 10px. Once you give each one a class name, you will be able to change this. You could also try adjusting the line height of your text.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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thanks! yes, as mentioned, i adjusted the line height (mistakenly called “baseline” above… oops!) – but, i did that manually for basically almost every class. that’s why i was asking how or if this ‘baseline-shift’ actually works, or not.

i think i had already manually changed most of the H classes to not or have little padding. it’s purely a “problem” built into the font itself. different fonts i guess have different spec’d heights and baselines within that.

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