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Banner keeps overlapping section below when browser height is resized

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to figure out why my banner is able to overlap the text below when the browser display height is made smaller. Both the banner and the text section have been set to position static, so I really don’t understand why it’s not spacing correctly. Is it because the banner is set to vh? If so how do I adjust appropriately without changing the banner? Would appreciate any input :pray:

Read-only link

Please, can anyone help on this? I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere.

Hey @NCmar
I think you applied changes to your site already?
Your picture shows something different than the Read-only link.

@EriCreator yeah I did, sorry about that! If you look at the “Our Mission” Page, you can see I added something similar. I’m really confused because it doesn’t overlap on that page.

It’s definitely something to do with the banners.
On the homepage, the banner is functioning the way it’s supposed to. It fills the vh unless the browser height decreases. Then it creates a scroll, so the banner doesn’t get squished with odd resizing.
However, the banner on the “Our Mission” page for some reason doesn’t function this way, even though it seems it has the same settings. It squishes everything down and then there’s overlapping within the banner itself. But the section below doesn’t overlap and functions as expected.

For extra reference, all banners are supposed to function similarly to the Mental Health Coalitions

If you can figure it out you would be my hero lol :sweat_smile: I’ve been unsuccessful for hours.