BANG - 2 NEW WEBSITES <3 (Restaurant & Agency)

Hello all,

After several weeks of work, we have just published online two new websites. One for a restaurant in Paris and the other for our agency, Salopard Parisien.


We created two visual identities and with a lot of patience and the help from the workshops ( thx @PixelGeek ) we learned how to use Webflow. (Editor, Interactions…)

Thanks to the whole community for sharing and all of your tips! :wink:

I hope that you will appreciate it. We would be delighted to hear your feedback on these two projects–the usability, ergonomics and art direction.

Much love from team Salopard Parisien.


While the look and feel direction is kinda clear, if I were a product supervisor for these projects I wouldn’t had let this into production just yet. There are a number of visual bugs present which are fairly easy to see and fix. Check the sites on 1920 screen width (most popular desktop width), check the spacings, check the horizontal scrolls, note the menu hover and click weirdness on the main agency site, consider if you REALLY need the swinging navigation there :D, check for empty pages on the agency site (for example) etc.

Sorry if that sounded too critical, but if I am asked to check the site I am always critical unless I know that I am required to give flattery and be on my way :). It is better to receive critics from one person early than from many visitors later.

tl;dr: make sure to run yet another round of QA

Cleanest work ever, looks perfect for me! Love the fixed size video thing, font, everything.

Very awesome sites @salopardparisien !

You can make your homepage full screen on mobile landscape for your site while setting min-height : 100vh to your background video class.

If I resize to mobile landscape view on desktop this is why I have currently:

Hope this helps,

My best

Best. Agency. Name. Ever !!! :rofl:

I’ve just checked the The Salopard Parisien mobile site, and I genuinely love it. It’s beautiful, and easily one of the best sites I’ve seen made with Webflow. :heart_eyes: